Spare & Repairs

Spare Parts

We’re dedicated to keeping you in the air, so we know how important it is to hold a good stock of spare parts for the equipment we supply. We stock all available spare parts from the manufacturers we deal with, even for older models. Many of the spares we hold are not listed in our online shop, as we may only sell a single piece in a year. We also hold stocks of genuine materials, so can help and advise on any repair work you may need.

Please contact us to discuss your spare part requirements, and we’ll do our best to get you back in the air.

Paraglider Lines

If you require one or more replacement or spare paraglider suspension lines, please contact John at Aerofix Paragliding Service and Repair Centre who are based at the Hayloft in Stretfield Mill, Bradwell, Derbyshire. Call 01433 627195 or visit their Contact Page. They will require details of your glider make, model, size and line colour. It is also useful if you have the line diagram with codes for ordering spares, which is usually found in your glider manual/handbook.

Aerofix have an enormous stock of line and make replacements to order from fresh material, to the same specification as the original. They are also specialists in glider repairs and servicing, reserve parachute re-packs and kite repairs.

Paraglider and harness repairs

Paragliders can be damaged by the take off terrain, a bad landing or even a line-over, and occasionally will require a sticky or sewn repair to the sail cloth. More extensive damage may be caused by lines snagging on take off, collisions with trees, fences, other gliders and even by nest-making mice!

This doesn’t have to be the end of your fun. Aerofix Paragliding Service and Repair Centre are based at Bradwell, and will get you back in the air as quickly as possible. Aerofix can give you a rough estimate of cost for repairs via e-mail or telephone, but in order to price the repair correctly you’ll need to book your equipment in and send or deliver it to the workshop.

Please ensure that your glider or kite is clean & dry (free of rocks, sand, seaweed etc) and that it is properly boxed, stamped, addressed and insured (in case of loss/damage). If you can’t get to the post office, Aerofix may also arrange to collect your repair by courier, from a home or work address. Please enclose your daytime contact details, and a brief description of the problem or the work you require Aerofix to carry out. All repairs should be addressed to Aerofix Paragliding Service and Repair Centre, The Hayloft, Stretfield Mill, Bradwell, Derbyshire. Tel: 01433 627195.

If your paraglider or kite has sustained only small superficial damage (ie. a rip of around 2cm or less in “non-stress” areas away from seams, line attachment points, leading & trailing edges) you can normally repair this yourself with our self adhesive ripstop repair tape. Larger tears or those near a stress point will typically need to be repaired with a sewn patch or panel section. At your request full replacement panels can be fitted, providing a completely invisible repair. Aerofix stock a huge selection of OEM cloth, so for the majority of repairs they can exactly match the fabric to the manufacturers specification.

Aerofix can also repair harnesses, depending on the level of damage, and will undertake most other sewn repairs using their powerful industrial sewing machines. Please contact them directly for details.


Paragliding helmets are important pieces of safety equipment, and you should take care not to drop them on the ground, let them roll down take off, or be sat on when they’re stored in your rucksack! Your helmet is fragile and vunerable when it’s not on your head – if it is squashed from the sides damage can occur to the gel coat/paint, evident by cracks around the chin piece. A good quality helmet bag will help protect your investment from scratches. Inspect your helmet regularly. If it has been dropped, is cracked or damaged in any other way it should not be used. It is not possible to repair damaged helmets and they should be replaced.


If you have a problem with your Flymaster instrument, please feel free to contact us for advice, as we may be able to fix your problem over the telephone. Please make sure your instruments firmware is up to date by visiting the Flymaster website. If you need further help or your instrument requires returning to the manufacturer for service or repair, please use the excellent Flymaster Support Centre where you can open a support ticket.

All other repairs

For all other repair work, please contact us. We stock replacement vario screens and cases if you’re handy with a soldering iron, but most other items will require returning to the manufacturer for repair. We offer a fast and efficient turn around, and can usually lend you a temporary replacement unit if you’re off on holiday.