The Race DVD by Uli Wiesmeier


The Race DVD by Uli Wiesmeier, starring Stefan Glowacz and pilot Rob Whittall.

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The Race is a short film fuelled by Uli Wiesmeier’s fascination for the impenetrable rocky spires of the Italian Dolomites.


Uli is perhaps the most renowned image maker in free flying – his stills photography and videography have earnt him respect worldwide. This, his newest project, is a study in technical genius.

The concept of the film is simple: a race between climber Stefan Glowacz and pilot Rob Whittall to the summit of Piz Pordoi in the Dolomites. But the film’s qualities lie not in its plot but in its tempo, cinematography and in its conveying of the competitive ambition of two men as they both tackle unique challenges in their bids to scale a mountain.

The Race might have taken over two summers to complete, and Rob and Stefan may never speak to Uli again, but Uli has demonstrated that you must suffer for your art. The result: a technically brilliant film that hones right in on the emotions experienced by two flesh and bone, utterly fallible creatures taking on the mother of a mountain – and winning.

Length: 11 minutes
Language available: English with German subtitles.
Awards: Grand Prix St. Hilaire 2003, 1st Prize International Mountain Film Festival, Tegernsee, Germany 2003, Grand Prize and Public Award, Free Flight Film Award, Garmisch, Germany 2004

Please note that this DVD is PAL only and will not work in older North America NTSC formatted players

Format: DVD
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