Stolen Moments #2 is the mosr recent book from French photographer Jérôme Maupoint. Signed Copy Available! !SPECIAL PRICE!

It contains a selection of more than 200 photographs, captured by Jérôme’s camera after 15 years of passionate commitment to the sport of paragliding.

In Jérôme’s words: “Stolen Moments #2 is the fruit of long travels, meetings and contemplations, intense and rare moments. Flying photography really drives my life, which is a never-ending search as every day, in every place, the light, atmosphere and elements are different. This book is not about paragliders, their performance or technology; it’s clearly about evocations and emotions. To me, the most important aspects of flying adventures are the places and their perspectives, the situations and their contrasts, and the special people I shared special moments with.”

Each photo in this book was captured in 1/500th of a second or so, but it took years to capture the right moments for them all. The book itself is a limited edition square format, 25cm by 25cm, with 144 pages. Captions for each image are written in French and English.

Stolen Moments #2 is a self-published book. This freedom allowed for a polished work, printed on the highest quality paper.

Highly recommended. Jérôme has signed a handful of copies of his book, so if you would like one of these please send a message with your order!

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