SkyWatch Wind Warning System

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Skywatch Wind Warning System (anemometer) from JDC Instruments, Switzerland.

This instrument has been developed to provide cost effective solution for the protection of people and property who or which may be subject to strong winds.

It is composed of 2 elements:

– A wind force display unit with 4 programmable alarm thresholds (2 min and 2 max).

– A multi-directional wind turbine (wind sensor) which measures the wind horizontally and vertically (turbulence behind the obstacle). The turbine transmits its signal magnetically to a transducer (wind sensor) located at the end of the connecting cable connected to the display. This transmission system simplifies installation.

Designed for the protection of individuals and assets in situations of gale force winds, SKYWATCH WWS is particularly suited in the case of :
– Building sites : scaffolding, cranes, etc.
– Public buildings such as schools, sports grounds, etc.
– Sports and leisure activities : camping and caravan sites, mobile homes, marinas, airfields, ski lifts, sports competitions, bouncy castles etc.

Four values ​​can trigger the alarm. These values ​​can be determined on the rising or falling edge and the alarm duration is adjustable for each alarm.

Units : km/h, mph, m/s and knots
Resolution : 1 unit
Measurement cycle : each second, with an average on 4 seconds
Accuracy : +/- 3 % if horizontally
Measuring range : from 5 to 255 km/h
Alarms : High, Medium or Low pitch with adjustable duration of warning signal. Adjustable warning thresholds.
Dimensions : 95 x 95 mm
Weight : 223g

Each unit is supplied with a15m cable and a wind turbine/sensor.

Download product information from JDC here

Download WWS owners manual here

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