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The SPIRIT was developed for adventures in alpine terrain and is your ideal companion for demanding Hike/Climb&Fly tours. In the development of this lightweight, we focused sharply on minimum packing volume, lowest weight, easiest handling and maximum flying fun. With its ultra-light 1.75 kg, the SPIRIT can be packed very small – perfect for strenuous high altitude tours!

Depending on the size and wing loading, you can choose the glider to suit your needs perfectly: The small sizes quickly build up bank and momentum and are ideal for dynamic flying, to quickly lose altitude as well as for strong winds. In the large sizes, the SPIRIT can even be used for training and is therefore also suitable for progressive lateral entrants into the paragliding world, who want to use the paraglider as an easy descent aid after a demanding project.

Skywalk Spirit



The compact wing enables take-offs on the smallest of surfaces; all it takes is a slight impulse and the canopy rises reliably above the pilot. Since the wing generates lift quickly, the take-off distance to lift-off is correspondingly short, so even launches in technically demanding terrain are successful.

In the air, the SPIRIT reacts lively and directly to control impulses due to its small wingspan and short lines. The wing reactions vary dynamically depending on the wing loading. In turbulence, the SPIRIT is very stable, but requires a little experience and an active flying style at high wing loading due to its agility.

Despite its low weight, the SPIRIT was not only designed as an ultra-light descent glider, but also offers sufficient performance to glide out of long valleys and – depending on the wing loading – can also be used for thermal flying.

Whether from first flights to outlandish expeditions, the SPIRIT is always the first choice for alpine adventures!


Spirit Sizing

The SPIRIT reacts lively and directly to steering impulses. Depending on the size and wing loading, the reactions are very different.
Therefore, the area of application is very versatile. With a high wing load, the SPIRIT can be flown very dynamically, with a low wing load it
is suitable for thermals and can even be used for training in the large sizes.
The graphic should help to choose the right size for the customer.

Spirit Sizing

Canopy cloth

Upper surface: Dominico 10D

Lower surface: Dominico 10D

Ribs and Bands: Skytex 27 hard


Upper: Liros DC60

Middle: Edelrid 8000U – 90/70; Liros DC60

Main: Liros PPSLS 180/125

Brake: Liros DFLP 200/32, Edelrid 8000U – 90/70, Liros DC60


Technical Data:

Size 75+ 85+ 105+ 120
Cells 33 33 33 33
Area flat (m²) 16.3 18.7 21.1 23.1
Area projected (m²) 14.0 16.0 18.1 19.8
Wingspan flat (m) 8.4 9.0 9.6 10.0
Aspect ratio flat 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.33
Aspect ratio projected 3.27 3.27 3.27 3.27
min. profile depth (cm) 95 102 109 116
max. profile depth (cm) 237 254 269 282
Glider weight (kg)
with Ultralight-riser. Weight with Light-riser approx. + 120g
1.75 1.95 2.20 2.35
Weight range from – to (kg) EN/LTF A 65 – 85 65 – 100
Weight range from – to (kg) EN/LTF B 50 – 85 86 – 105 101 – 120
Weight range from – to (kg) EN/LTF C 50 – 95 86 – 105 106 – 120


Colours: Arctic blue, wild berry

Skywalk Spirit Skywalk Spirit


Included with your Glider:

The Tonic is supplied complete with compress inner bag, glider strap, riser bag, guide, stickers and bandana

Skywalk - included with your glider

More information and links to certification details available from Skywalk

Skywalk Spirit user guides available here

Stock code: SKYW-P-Spirit-size

The Spirit is available to order but often in stock, please contact us by email or telephone before placing your order.

If you would like to know more about the Skywalk Spirit or arrange a test flight with your local dealer, please send a message using the ‘Contact us’ form. Alternatively please telephone us on 01768 779800.


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