Skywalk Pepper Cross 110 Rescue


The Pepper Cross is a lightweight, square-type rescue parachute developed by Skywalk. It offers a stable descent with excellent sink rate and opening characteristics.

In the event of an emergency, you have to be able to rely on your reserve 100%.

This is why the new PEPPER CROSS LIGHT sets new standards in deployment times and descent stability.

Its symmetric shape helps reduce side drift to a minimum, which is always a theme with this design of reserve.

Maximum safety doesn’t need to be bulky or heavy: the smallest sized PEPPER CROSS LIGHT starts at 990 grams. The Pepper Cross Light 110 is 1140 grams.

The skywalk PEPPER CROSS LIGHT is characterized by high reliability and strength, fast opening time with low sink rate, high pendulum stability, low weight and small packing volume.

Its symmetrical design reduces drift to a minimum, directional flight is not specified. The Pepper Cross Light does not not rely in any way on drift or “glide” to reduce it’s sink rate unlike many other small square and cruciform reserves.

The PEPPER CROSS LIGHT reserve chutes are cross-cap centerline reserve chutes with retracted apex and divided panels.

Optimized layout and differentiated air permeability due to special processing and material mix result in a reserve chute of the most modern design.

Robust materials guarantee that the reserve chute stays in top-notch shape for many years.

All who regularly pack their reserves themselves will really appreciate the inner container with its special line compartment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying a streamlined XC harness or an ultralight mountaineering one – you’ll always take your PEPPER CROSS LIGHT with you!

Pepper Cross Light Manual Download

Technical specifications

SIZE #90 #110 #135
Area 26.90 32.50 40.10
Weight including ineer container (g) 990 1140 1440
Number of Gores 20 20 24
Sink rate at max. load (m/s) 5.2 5.2 5.2
Max. load (kg) 90 110 135
LTF/EN Certification Yes Yes Yes

Stock code: SKYW-R-PC110


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