Skywalk Hike 2 Rucksack 75l


Skywalk Hike 2 Rucksack 75 litre

The HIKE2 is a high-end Hike&Fly backpack that was developed in cooperation with the outdoor experts at SALEWA.

The backpack is extremely comfortable to carry, the features are perfectly tailored to the requirements of Hike&Fly pilots and ensure optimal user-friendliness.

The HIKE2 is available in three sizes, each size is individually designed for its intended use. The three HIKE ́s differ not only in volume and shape, but also in features. The HIKE 35 is aimed at alpinists and pilots who are on the move with minimal equipment.
The HIKE 55 is designed for Hike&Fly enthusiasts and the HIKE 75 is perfectly designed for bivouac pilots.

Appropriate for alpine use, the backpack is built robustly. We have used ROBIC® high-tenacity nylon, which is 60% more tear-resistant than conventional nylon for backpacks.

SALEWA® Dry Back Technology

With the Dry Back Contact carrying system with ergonomic EVA padding and 3D ventilation channels, the contact surface on the back is minimized and air circulation is improved; less perspiration. It is divided for a small pack size; in combination with the compact design that fits closely to the body it ensures a high level of comfort.

Product features:

– Dry Back carrying system with EVA padding and 3D channel ventilation
– Split shoulder straps
– Helmet net
– Daisy chain
– Pole attachments
– Load Control strap
– Velcro mobile device mount
– Cover pocket
– Internal paraglider retaining strap
– Elastic outer pockets
– Sternum strap
– Hip pocket

– Weight: 900g
– Fabric Robic 330D, Robic 70D
Size: 75 litre
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