Skywalk Cumeo



Performance. Made Light.

XC Flying for Lightweights.

The CUMEO is our lightweight interpretation of the CHILI concept. Our glider for performance-driven XC pilots, who prefer to set their turning points off the beaten path, is so light that you won’t need a cable car when your big day comes. The lightweight materials of Porcher Marine are applied to reduce weight only in areas not felt by the XC pilot. That is why the CUMEO is just as solid in the air as its “heavy” brother and has the same balanced characteristics. You’ll feel the difference – in the backpack on the way to launch or in the baggage net of the train on the long way back from your epic flight.


The CUMEO gives its pilots a precise feedback and can be steered intuitively throughout the whole spectrum of its brake line travel. Control line movement lies in ergonomically perfect space and the brake lines kick in promptly after a carefully selected delay. Brake travel and pressure are optimized to meet the requirements of thermal and XC pilots who love to spend hours exploring their favorite line. The result is a direct, precise and effortless handling.

Thanks to its lower canopy weight, the CUMEO is even easier to launch compared to the CHILI, canopy disturbances are a bit more good-natured.

The canopy concept ensures constant internal pressure along the entire angle of attack area. The result is a glider that flies like on rails, even in turbulence conditions. This ensures not only a good glide ratio along the entire polar curve – from off-bar cruising mode to near comp wing highspeed gliding – but also its stability in hands-off flying. The CUMEO converts every updraft into altitude gain without rearing up in turbulence. That makes it easy to core thermals and the bank angle can be dosed easyily in every position.

Canopy cloth

Upper surface: Porcher Skytex 38g / Porcher Skytex 32g

Lower surface: Porcher Skytex 27g

Ribs and Bands: PPorcher Skytex 32g / 27g hard


Upper: Edelrid 8000-U50 / Liros DC35

Middle: Edelrid 8000-U90 / 8000-U50

Main: Liros PPSLS 180, Edelrid 8000-U90

Brake: Liros PPSL 160, DC35 / Edelrid 8000-U130, 8000-U50


Technical Data:

Cells 57 57 57 57
Area flat (m²) 21,39 24,59 26,40 28,28
Area projected (m²) 18,34 21,08 22,64 24,25
Wingspan flat (m) 10,99 11,79 12,21 12,64
Wingspan projected (m) 8,79 9,43 9,77 10,11
Aspect ratio flat 5,65 5,65 5,65 5,65
Aspect ratio projected 4,21 4,21 4,21 4,21
profile depth
56,88 60,98 63 65,41
profile depth
236,61 253,69 263,00 272,10
Glider weight (kg) 3,7 4,1 4,3 4,6
Certified weight range (kg) 55-77 70-95 85-105 95-115


Colours: Blue, Orange, White


Included with your Glider:

The Arak is supplied complete with compress inner bag, glider strap, riser bag, guide, stickers and bandana

Skywalk - included with your glider

More information and links to certification details available from Skywalk

Skywalk Arak user guides available here

Stock code: SKYW-P-CU1

If you would like to know more about the Skywalk Cumeo or arrange a test flight with your local dealer, please send a message using the ‘Contact us’ form. Alternatively please telephone us on 01768 779800.


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