Skywalk CULT 4 Harness !SALE!



Skywalk CULT 4 Harness

Launch. Take your seat. Feel good.

To create something new, sometimes you have to take an unusual path. For our all-round harness CULT, we performed movement analysis in various sports and did a deep dive into kinematics, ergonomics and product design. The result is a harness that sets new standards with its exceptionally high comfort, maximum safety, ease of use, slim and clean design and high-quality materials.
The basis for the exceptionally high comfort is a new force distribution frame, which ensures an ideal pressure distribution and support. The pilot immediately feels comfortable, steers his paraglider intuitively – and thus safely. For the first time ever in a paraglider harness, the shoulder straps
can be adapted individually to the length of the pilot’s back. The CULT fits the pilot like a tailor-made backpack. Also new are the loops marked with »+« and »-« on the adjustable back, shoulder and chest straps. Like the chassis of a sports car, they enable the cushioning of the CULT easily to be adapted to the preferences of the pilot or the current conditions – before launch or at any time during the flight.
Maximum passive safety is ensured by a mousse bag protector under the pilot, perfectly positioned side protectors and comfort foam on the back.
The CULT is aimed at novice pilots, ambitious class-climbers – and all those pilots who just like the intense feel of the slipstream.


Variable Back Length Adjustment

The shoulder straps can be adjusted in height and thus individually adapted to the length of the pilot´s back.

Load Distribution Frame

Ensures ideal load distribution and support – highest flying comfort guaranteed!

Adjustable Damping

The loops marked with “+“ and “–“ on the adjustable back, shoulder, chest and leg straps enable the cushioning of the CULT easily to be adapted to the current flying conditions.

Safety Slider

The innovative detail prevents unintentional opening of the buckles.


International standard: The RECCO-reflector accelerates rescue operations and helps to safe lives.


Size S M L
Pilot height (cm) < 158-172 168-182 178-200 >
Harness Weight (kg) 3.9 4.2 4.9
Seat Board (cm) 30.5 x 41.0 33.0 x 44.0 36.0 x 48.0
Max Load (kg) 120 120 120


  • the the crossover harness CULT comes with:
    • 2x Aluminium carabines
    • 1x V-Line Rescue Bridle
    • 1x Speed bar
    • 2x Side protectors
    • 1x Mousse bag protector
    • 1x Comfort foam
    • 1x Rescue release system including inner container
    • 1x Manual

Stock code: SKYW-H-C4-S, SKYW-H-C4-M, SKYW-H-C4-L


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