Skywalk ALPINE Backpack



The ALPINE rucksack is perfectly designed for the needs of all pilots with equipment of a normal to large volume.

With volumes of 135 liters (size M) and 175 liters (size L), the ALPINE bag has room for pretty much everything that pilots like to take flying with them — from intermediate harnesses with extra thick foam protectors to full XC kits with pod harnesses.

Thanks to its well thought out wrap-around zipper, the Alpine backpack is especially easy to pack.

Two compression straps on each side help it keep its shape.

Accessories can be stored in the outer pocket while sweaty t-shirts can be strapped to the outside to dry out.

Very comfortable, robust yet light construction and many great features, like a magnetic buckle on the waist belt.

Weight: 1.1kg (M) and 1.2kg (L)

Sies: M (135 liters) and L (175 liters)

Product code: SKYW-Acc-GBA


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