Rubber Bands for Reserve Parachute Lines and Containers


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Rubber Bands  –  For reserve/rescue line bundles and Inner Container closures

These are good quality super strong rubber bands as used on GIN reserve parachutes to stow the line bundles and close the reserve inner container. These bands will stretch out to over 130mm in length and return to their original unstretched length without damage.

Your reserve should be re-packed ideally every 6 months but yearly at most, at this point the bands on the line bundles and containers should be replaced.

Supplied in bags of 20 or 100 (approx.)


Internal Diameter 20mm approx.

Width 2.5-3.0mm

Stock code: OP-Rubber-Band

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  1. Scott Machin (verified owner)

    Delivery was lightning fast! The free haribo sweets was also a nice welcome. I’m not one of the big spenders (bag of rubber bands) but absolute faultless service.

  2. Mark Stuart (store manager)

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Scott!

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