Reserve Bridle Complete Set inc. Maillons


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Complete Reserve Y bridle setup including Maillons and Maillon Cover for Solo Use – (not for Tandem or Trike)

This bridle set contains everything you require to connect a single riser rescue parachute (like the G-Lite or Yeti reserve parachutes) to the shoulder straps of your harness.

The 155cm set is particularly useful for Paramotor pilots wanting to to install reserve parachutes to their paramotor harnesses

The set includes:-

1 x GIN UV covered Y-bridle, 125cm or 155cm

1 x 7mm Square Maillon, to connect bridle to the reserve

1 x GIN Neoprene Maillon Cover, to prevent rotation and protect you from the Maillon

2 x 6mm Trapezoidal Maillons, to connect to the shoulder attachment points on your harness

6 x Rubber bridle retention bands, to prevent the bridle moving on the maillons


The bridle is covered to protect the webbing from UV exposure.

Size: 125cm for most paragliding applications or 155cm if you need a longer bridle, for example to route along the frame of your paramotor.

Stock code: GR03-Set

2 reviews for Reserve Bridle Complete Set inc. Maillons

  1. Tony

    Quick delivery, great item and great quality , everything I needed to fit my reserve

  2. Tim

    Brilliant service as always… I wish more businesses were as good!

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