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!Plusmax Perplex Visor for Plusair II – NOW IN STOCK!

Plusmax’s Performance Perplex half-face Visors are designed for extreme sports activities!

Perplex Visors are only compatible with the Visor ready PlusAir II helmet. The Chinguard can also still be used with the Perplex Visor fitted.

6 lens colours, including clear are available for different purposes or flying conditions. These high quality visors are constructed from Bayer Makrolon® which is a shatter proof polycarbonate with integrated UV 400 Nm filter. The outside and inside surfaces of the Perplex Visor lens are hard coated to ensure longevity. An anti-fog coating has been applied to the inside of the Perplex Visor lens to ensure clear vision in rapidly changing climatic condtions. The outside surface of the visors lens is mirror finished. The Perplex Visors are decentered assuring an optically correct image. Not just a plastic wind break – these visors are like one big sunglass lens!

Note: Visor colour images may vary from the actual product colour. Photographs do not show the exact colour either due to the mirror finish.


• Half Face Visor
• Anti Scratch (scratch resistant)
• Anti Reflex
• Antifog
• 100% UV 400Nm Absorbtion
• Shatter proof
• PC Makrolon®
• Decentered Lens (optically correct)
• CE Certification
• Weight 100g
• Finish: mirror, with Plusmax Laser Logo
• Note: Remove protective film before use!


Visor Category Ratings:

  • Clear   –  Cat1
  • Blue Clear   –  Cat1
  • Orange   –  Cat 2
  • Rose   –  Cat3
  • Brown   –  Cat 3
  • Smoke   –  Cat 3

Lens Category Ratings Explained:

  • Category 1 – 43%-80% transmission – low sun exposure
  • Category 2 – 18%-43% transmission – medium sun exposure
  • Category 3 – 8%-18% transmission – strong brightness, light reflected off water or snow


Stock code: PM-V

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  1. Kentaro

  2. Cliff

    Got exactly what I ordered in less time that it would have taken if I had been able to order the item where I live in New Zealand. Outstanding service.

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