Paragliding Harness Hanger/Simulator


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Paragliding harness Hanger and Simulator

This harness hanger has been designed with dimensions to simulate the in-flight feeling as closely as possible. It can be used to set-up harnesses and as an aid to teaching students; especially to simulate reserve throws.

Ideal for on Zip Lines and reserve practice deployment systems. Can be used as a shop display for harnesses.

Laser cut from 6mm thick stainless steel.

Designed with a Working Load Limit of 250kg with a safety factor of 3:1

Two sets of harness hangpoint holes at 700mm and 600mm spacings to adjust the “feel” of the harness.

Requires 2 x 500mm slings for the harness attachment and a means to suspend it from a hang point.

Can optionally be supplied with 1 x 7mm and 2 x 6mm Stainless Steel oval Maillon Rapides to attach to the main hang point and slings.

Can also be supplied complete with all Maillon Rapides (1 x 7mm and 2 x 6mm Oval) and Lyon 18mm webbing slings ( 2 x 500mm), just requires a suitable hang point to suspend it from.

(Please note this is an ‘industrial’ item and the finish may show scratches, scorch marks and fingerprints. Care must be taken when handling as the edges can be sharp).

Weight: 2.9kg

Stock code: UKA-HH700

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  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    nice one

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