Paraglider Repair Tape


Paraglider repair Tape

A Clear/White translucent self adhesive ripstop repair tape for patching small holes on your paraglider. It is excellent quality and sticks to most paraglider fabrics very well.

(It’s also great for repairing holes and tears on waterproof/down jackets, tents, sleeping bags etc.)

This translucent tape usually provides a less visable repair to a glider than using a coloured tape, especially when sunlight is shining through the glider.

50mm wide, sold by the metre. You can also buy a whole roll of tape, 25m or 50m.

Surface should be clean and dry. Use very sharp scissors to cut a patch for each side of the fabric, to more than cover the hole or tear, and round the corners to stop them catching and lifting the patch.

Stock code: GM06.1


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