NEO Tandem Rescue Y-Bridle


NEO Ultralight Tandem Rescue Y-Bridle

Like all NEO products, the risers are ultralight: 125 g. They are also very clever and versatile, and fit all kinds of tandem equipment (spreaders, harnesses, rescues…).

Removable velcro straps fix the riser easily all the way from the paraglider risers to the harness shoulder straps. They do not disturb the pilot during ground handling, inflation, or in flight.

• Constructed from Spliced Dyneema
• Polyester sleeve with Velcro straps
• 200cm length
• Weight – 125g

Made in France using European fabrics.

An ethical choice.

NEO have chosen to manufacture in France using European fabrics. It’s more than a choice; it’s a challenge, pushed by strong convictions, and we thank our customers for sharing this belief with us.

NEO have chosen local production using local labour. Our products are given special attention from conception through to testing and manufacture. NEO aim for quality first and we try our best to reduce the shipment of fabrics during the production process, and delivery of the finished product to market.

Stock code: F-NEO-Y-200


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