NEO Speedpack – Fast Packing Bag


NEO Speedpack – Fast Packing Bag for Speedriding or mini paragliders

A fast packing bag for speedriding and speedflying with a Fidlock magnetic attachement system.

Constructed from 40gsm Polyamide ripstop nylon, it is available in two sizes:

Small – for wings less than 11sq.m, and Medium for wings over 11sq.m.

Suitable for speedriding and speedflying wings, the NEO Speedpack makes carrying your wing between runs easy!

The Speedpack is fitted with a Fidlock magnetic connector, which attaches the packed bag to your NEO Body harness. If you’re using the Speedpack with any other speedriding harness just ask and we can include the male part of the Fidlock connector to attach to your harness.

NEO – Made in France using European fabrics.

An ethical choice.

NEO have chosen to manufacture in France using European fabrics. It’s more than a choice; it’s a challenge, pushed by strong convictions, and we thank our customers for sharing this belief with us.

NEO have chosen local production using local labour. Our products are given special attention from conception through to testing and manufacture. NEO aim for quality first and we try our best to reduce the shipment of fabrics during the production process, and delivery of the finished product to market.

Colours (current stock): Royal blue (as in photos 2 and 4, not lime green as in main photo 1)


  • S – wings less than 11sq.m,
  • M – wings between 11 and 20sq.m  but please note, these are not big enough to carry a paraglider!

Weight: 135g

Stock code: F-NEO-SP-S/M


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