NEO Rescue Container Lite – Tube


NEO Container Lite – Tube version

“An external reserve container shouldn’t disturb the pilot, but must be simple to install and easy to use”. This sounds so logical, but few products available today live up to these expectations. This is why Neo decided to develop our own containers made for our own use.
Several sizes were born from this development, and contain the following technical features:
– panels made of Ripstop dyneema have been shaped and connected to precisely fit the shape of the folded parachute.
– the rescue handle is super easy to see and easy to grab. The strength necessary for the rescue extraction conforms to the EN Standard.
– the position of the container attachment points to the harness prevent it from disturbing the pilot during launch and in flight and also help the handle to be more visible. it is also a good platform to read your flight instruments when installed on the rescue top-flap velcro.
– The «one attachment point» system is simple: before take off you connect the container to the harness with one attachment point on each main carabiner. No need to attach the risers and after the container, no risk to miss one of them.
– the front belt size can be precisely trimmed in flight.
– the NEO container fits NEO harnesses, and other brands.

3 other sizes are available:
– « S » for Xtra light rescues in small sizes
– « M » for the GIN Yeti #27, the Skywalk Pepper Cross size 90
– « L » for the GIN Yeti #35 & #40, the Skywalk Pepper Cross sizes 110 and 135
– « Tube », the universal size, for the majority of sizes and brands of light rescue.
Like all NEO products, superfluous weight or design features are not included. The container is durable and weighs just 90 grams.

  • Light rescue parachute container for paragliding & speedflying
  • Type: ultra-lightweight external
  • Geometry: 4 flaps
  • 125 cm bridle: 2 attachment points for the shoulders straps with removable riser protection
  • Certification: EN1651
  • Sizes: S / M / L / Tube (click here for size chart)
  • Download User manual here
  • Weight: M/L: 90 g (without risers)
  • Options: rescue risers 125 cm
  • Main materials: Ripstop dyneema
  • Materials : made in Europe
  • Manufacturing: made in France

Stock code: F-NEO-CL-T


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