Kiteboarding : Theory and Techniques dvd

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Kiteboarding : Theory and Techniques

Theory and Techniques has been conceived to accompany kiteboarders in their progression.
All the moves are demonstrated by a professional rider, Sigve Botnen. The sequences dedicated to theory help the viewer to better understand the behaviour of the kite and to improve their riding technique.

Kiteboarding is a watersport which blends the sensation of flying, provided by the pull of the kite, with surfing, thanks to the board. The resulting planing experience is incomparable!
It’s a technically-demanding activity, which requires good instruction.

This DVD will accompany your training, helping you develop your skills as a rider, and improving your awareness of safety.
Certain sequences are devoted to aspects of theory, such as ‘points of sailing’, the wind window, or the flight mechanics of the kite. A better understanding of these concepts will help you to refine your riding style.

Other chapters cover riding techniques: the waterstart, defining a course, U-turns and jumps.
Observe the moves to make, the pressures to apply and the positions to adopt to further improve your level of skill.

As a bonus, watch the interviews with two professional riders.

With the participation of : Ozone Kites, Chasta and especially Sigve Botnen
Duration : 70 minutes
Languages : English and French

This is a PAL DVD that may not play in older US DVD players

* Chapters on Theory:

Mechanics of Flight
How and why do our kites fly? What actually happens when you power up or depower the kite? Indispensable to understand for piloting the kite well!
The Wind Window
What is the wind window and how is it used? How does it change as a function of the conditions? And how does it affect your riding?
Different situations occurring between riders; how to ride safely on the water.
The safety systems explained in detail.

* Chapters on Techniques

The Waterstart
How to place the board and fly the kite correctly to achieve the waterstart.
This sequence analyses the positions to adopt and pressures on the board to ride effectively whatever the chosen course.
Sigve Botnen demonstrates numerous U-turns. Each method is detailed and explained to help you achieve it: Simple U-turn, jumped, backside, frontside.
This sequence is an introduction to the first jumps. It breaks down the piloting of the kite and the pressures of the feet on the board to help you achieve your initial jumps.

As a Bonus
Sigve Botnen & Guillaume Chastagnol Interviews
They talk about kiteboarding and snowkiting. They offer lots of tips and advice to help you properly achieve the technical manoeuvres.

Format: DVD
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