JDC Skywatch Porosity Meter


This easy-to-use, reliable and very precise porosimeter was developed and manufactured by JDC ELECTRONIC SA, following a high demand from the free flight lovers, mainly for security. Very quickly this instrument became the reference for porosity measurement and is now used and appreciated world wide.

Purpose of Porosimeter MK1
Enable an air volume to go through a cloth in order to measure its porosity. Principle : measures the time necessary for 0,25 liter of air under 4hPa pressure to go through 38.5 cm2 of cloth.
– Quick test of cloth porosity used for example in paraglider, spinnaker & balloon manufacture.
– Measures a cloth degradation in order to warn the paragliders of properties and security decrease of its canopy.
– Evaluation of the present and resale value of second-hand paragliders.
– Laboratory study of cloth wear (coating adherence, etc.)

Frequently used by :
– Cloth manufacturers
– Free flight schools
– Free flight shops
– Paragliders and hanggliders manufacturers
– Balloning
– Paper manufacturers
– Etc…

Technical Data :
The measuring pressure of the MK1 is 100 mm of water (10 mbar)
Result is given in seconds (necessary time for 0,25 liter of air to go through 38,5 cm2 of fabric under a pressure of 10 mbar).
Formula to convert POROSIMETER MK1 values in

Industry standard #1
(liter per m2 per min) (pressure of 200 mm of water)
5400 / time in second
(divide 5400 by the time displayed on the MK1)

Industry standard #2
(cm3 per cm2 per sec) (pressure of 200 mm of water)
9000 / time in second
(divide 9000 by the time displayed on the MK1)

Stock code: JDC-PM


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