JDC SKYWATCH METEOS 1 Anemometer Thermometer

Wind speed and temperature meter, including a calculation mode of the wind-chill factor (temperature felt when the wind is blowing).

SKYWATCH® meteos is a thermo-anemometer that measures wind strength without worrying about exact alignment of the instrument. The Skywatch Meteos 1 is powered by 2 replaceable AA batteries. The display is made up to 99.9 at the 10th of a unit, then to the unit. A thread on the bottom plate allows mounting on a tripod.

1. Instant windspeed
2. Maximum windspeed
3. Average windspeed (3s to 24h)
4. Instant temperature
5. Maximum temperature
6. Average temperature (3s to 24h)
7. Minimum temperature
8. Wind chill factor

• Precision Swiss-made instrument has multi-directional cups, 54mm impeller!
• Backlight
• Weatherproof – Waterproof – floats
• 2 AA batteries (supplied)
• Protective cap for the impeller
• Aluminium base plate for tripod attachment (1/4″)

Dimensions : ø65mm x 155mm
Weight : 235 grammes

Information pdf brochure available here :: manual download here

Stock code: JDC-Meteos


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