Brauniger Vario Arm-Clamp for Hang Gliding Aerofoil tubes

This mount can be used with the Flymaster Delta Pocket to mount Flymaster instruments on a Hang Glider.

As supplied with Compeo+ HG version, this fits Brauniger instruments (single bolt) and Flytec 6000 Series.

The latest mount from Brauniger, designed for modern aerofoil section tubing.

Adjustable positioning, set to any angle with adjustable arm and ball clamp. Rubber foot mounts with Velcro straps and attach to flat or round surfaced tubes and base bars.

Weight: 150g

Brauniger item no. F0360

Stocl code: BR-606HG-3

2 reviews for HG Aerofoil Tube Arm-Clamp

  1. Gerry

    All good very happy

  2. Michel

    The Aerofoil Tube… is very good

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