Grivel Plume Carabiner

Ultra lightweight screwgate carabiners (karabiners) with a compact assymetric shape, designed specifically for use with the latest generation of lightweight paraglider harnesses, like the GIN Yeti Xtrem 2.

20KN breaking strength, with a smooth screwgate.

Inspect regularly and replace after 5 years of use.

Sold individually, order 2 for a pair.

Manufactured by Grivel, Italia.

Weight: 38g each, Length: 90mm, Width: 53.5mm, opening:19mm

Minimum load in main longitudinal axis: 22 kN, with gate open: 7 kN, on minor xis: 7 kN

Colour: Plum

Material: Aluminium, key lock section

Stock code: G-CRAB-Plume


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  1. Geoffrey

    5 out of 5!
    Good web site, had exactly what I wanted, reasonable price, and arrived the next day.

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