The GIN Soft shackle

VERY light and very strong!

Can be used for reserve connection or for hang point connection.

The GIN Soft shackle is a perfect replacement for a traditional metal maillon or karabiner, and can be used for webbing-to-webbing connections, e.g. between your rescue and Y-bridle or between your wing’s riser and the harness hang point.

Compared to a metal maillon, the GIN Soft shackle is up to 8 times lighter with equivalent breaking strength. It features a locking system to prevent slippage under load and is easy to undo without tools.

Please refer to the product manual for installation instructions:

Certification: EAPR-BT-0274/14

Minimum Breaking strength: 2,600kg

Weight: 8g

Below is a video with instructions of how to fit the GIN Soft Shackle. GIN recommend using tape around the ends of the webbing to prevent rotation but we would recommend using rubber bands or O-rings instead.

Stock code: GA10-SS

2 reviews for GIN Soft Shackle

  1. Kentaro

  2. Colin

    5 out of 5 for speedy service shipping the item. The item is still to turn up. I have a couple of the soft shackles and they are the business.

    It was great to see that you guys had experience of shipping internationally which was very refreshing. It was nice to see that when shipping abroad you did not charge VAT. You very often get hit for VAT in the UK and then have to pay import duties.

    I will order from you guys again for sure.



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