GIN Gliders Yeti Cross 2 Reserve Parachute


GIN Gliders Yeti Cross 2 Reserve Parachute

Planar rescue technology built in

The Yeti Cross 2 is a realisation of our planar rescue technology, first introduced in the ultralight Yeti UL, in more standard weight materials.

The result is a rescue that offers superb value: maximum stability and performance in a light and compact package.


GIN Yeti Cross 2 specifications:

Size S M L
Surface area (m2) 20.5 24 28
Weight (kg) 1.09 1.23 1.38
Packed volume (cm3) 3400 3750 4100
Sink rate (m/s) 5.4 5.22 5.2
Maximum load (kg) 85 105 125
Certification EN EN EN

Sink rate quoted according to manufacturer data based on average result at sea level


What is a planar rescue?

A planar rescue is a new concept of rescue developed in-house by Gin Gliders, made possible by our new anti-billow rib technology. Lines are attached to triangular ribs deployed in a cross shape. This greatly reduces the billow of the canopy and produces an almost flat upper surface. As a consequence, the projected area is increased by 30%. This means excellent sink rates are obtainable with a lower flat area and packing volume. Overall, the efficiency of this new system is the best we’ve ever experienced.

Stable descent with no drifting

During the development we took extra care to optimise air channelling to ensure no drifting of the rescue during descent. As the basic canopy shape is still square, the descent is notably stable.

Rapid and smooth opening

The design of the canopy profile, the packing procedure and the lightweight fabric all contribute toward excellent opening characteristics.



  • 300mm loop on risers
  • Dyneema lines with fabric protected riser cover
  • Packing loops for easy packing
  • 2 loops of lines for smooth opening
  • Flat packing shape
  • Textile rubber bands for securing loops of lines
  • Fabric line cover
  • 18% l ighter than Yeti Cross 1
  • Ultralight rescue container
  • 2 rescue handle positions
  • Compatible with lark’s head knot connections


Yeti Cross 2 manual


Stock code: GR04X2-Size


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