GIN GLIDERS Yeti UL Outer Reserve Container


GIN Yeti UL Outer reserve container.

The Yeti UL front container is recommended with ultralight harnesses, or whenever you wish to connect your Yeti UL via your main carabiners.

The Yeti UL container is the smallest of the GIN range and comes in 3 sizes. It fits the Yeti UL rescue, Yeti and Yeti Cross rescues and most other ultralight or “small rescues”.

S, M and L
2-2.6L (S), 3-3.5L (M), 3.5-3.8 (L)
130g (S), 150g (M), 160g (L)
  • Light but durable Roseta 70D fabric
  • Velcro instrument deck with safety loop on the top surface
  • Adjustable bridles to adapt to different harnesses
  • Plastic rod in the handle maintains the shape of the rescue handle, making it more accessible in flight
  • Supplied with Dyneema “Y” rescue bridle (Length: 90cm)
  • S size fits Yeti UL S and M
  • M size fits Yeti UL L, Yeti rescue 27 and 35, Yeti Cross 26 and 32

Yeti UL Container manual (shows an older version made from different materials but the basics of the manual and the options are the same).

Stock code: GR01.4-size


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