GIN GLIDERS Yeti Outer Reserve Container


GIN Yeti Outer reserve container.

Lightweight YETI external reserve parachute container: to mount your light rescue parachute onto the front of your paragiding harness.

Designed for the Gin Gliders Yeti and Yeti Cross range of lightweight solo paragliding reserve parachutes, but will also fit most lightweight and smaller reserves from other manufacturers.

Can be configured in 2 ways with the included strap and bridle:-

1. Yeti front container with strap and bridle
Use the rescue bridle (supplied) to attach your rescue to the attachment points of your harness (e.g. to the shoulders) and the included strap to attach the container to your harness.

2. Yeti front container with integrated bridle
The bridle and hang strap are integrated. You can use the bridle to also connect the container which enables you to neatly and conveniently attach your rescue to your main carabiners without requiring any additional strap.

Weight: 150 grams for the container, 220 grams complete with bridle

Yeti Container manual (shows an older version made from different materials but the basics of the manual and the options are the same).

Stock code: GR04-front


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