This reserve had been in stock at a paragliding school, they had bought a few at the time and this one was hidden away and forgotton about  (it was manufactured 1 year ago). We agreed to exchange it for newly manufactured stock and to offer it out at discount.

It is a brand new stock item in that it has never been taken out of it’s wrapper, never installed in a harness and has always been kept in a safe place out of light and extremes of temperature and humidity. We have inspected and repacked it and it’s now available at a good price 🙂

FYI, the lifetime of a reserve is now taken from the date of first instalment, not the date of manufacture. So while we consider that over a year in stock is a bit long, it still carries a full guarantee as a new item and it will have a 10 year life from date of sale.

Here is a link to the GIN Yeti 27 product page which offers more information about the reserve and it’s technical specifications.

Stock code: GR04-27-LM01989


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