Gin Gliders Yeti 27 Lightweight reserve parachute


Gin Gliders ::: Yeti Rescue 27 – Lightweight doesn’t have to mean small size!

The new GIN Yeti reserve parachute is—like its competitors, ultra-light and ultra-compact, but, it offers 40% more surface area than most.

This small size parachute weighs only 1.25 kg, yet it offers a surface area of 27 m2 and a certified sink rate of 5 m/sec., at a maximum weight in flight of 80kg.

We all know how a large surface area is important for the safety of a rescue parachute.

Gin Gliders’ design brief for this new rescue was lightweight, but without compromising the surface area. 2 years of development and testing were necessary to reach this high standard of technical performance.

Certified EN-12491: 27 certification, 35 certification, 40 certification

The Yeti Rescue is delivered complete with inner deployment bag, ready to go into your harness.

SIZE 27 35 40 45 50 60
Weight 1.25kg 1.5kg 1.75kg 2.1kg 2.6kg 3.1kg
Max. weight in flight 80kg 100kg 120kg 150kg 180kg 220kg
Sink rate (certified) 5.067m/s 5.034m/s 5.13m/s 5.25m/s 5.40m/s 5.17m/s
Opening time (certified) 3.24s 3.04s 3.16s 3.31s <5s <5s

To mount it on the front of your harness, use the Yeti External Container:

YETI external container: quick opening, compact and light – includes bridle
Weight : 150g or 220g including the bridle.

Light weight “Y” Dyneema bridle: to connect a single point rescue riser to the reserve mount points on your harness.
Material: Dyneema.
2 sizes : 80 cm and 125 cm.
Weight : from 40 g.

The Yeti rescue parachutes are available in 5 other sizes, covering weight ranges up to 220kg!

Size: 27m2

Weight: 1.25kg

Stock code: GR04-27


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