GIN GLIDERS Two individual reserve ‘I’ bridles 100cm


GIN GLIDERS Two Individual reserve “I I” bridles.

These “I I” bridles are designed as two individual bridles to connect from the reserve parachute to the shoulder reserve attachment points of a paragliding harness, or to the main carabiners of your paragliding harness, ultra strong and ultra lightweight. As they are two individual bridles it is possible to use a “Larks Head” knot to attach these to the harness shoulder attachment points if these are made in a suitable way. These bridles are supplied as standard with many GIN Harnesses such as the Airlite 4 and Verso 3.

Material: 14mm Dyneema webbing, UV covered at each end
Sizes: 100 cm for attaching to shoulder points
Weight: 100g.

Stock code: GR04-II


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