Gin Gliders Tandem Rescue Bridle


Gin Gliders Tandem Rescue Bridle

The Tandem Rescue bridle is perfect to use with the Safari pilot harness, and it comes with extra webbing that pulls in the “B” and “C” risers of the main canopy to stall the canopy in the event of a reserve deployment.

This automatic stalling of the wing with the B or C risers is sometimes referred to as the Andre Rose System, it was developed to solve the problem of not being able to disable your tandem paraglider manually by hand because of the wing pressures. During deployment, the extra straps to the B and C risers compete disable the glider automatically.

Developed during testing of the Yeti 50 and 60 tandem and paramotor reserves, this unique and innovative system connects to the B and C risers on you tandem glider, and automatically stalls the wing once your reserve is deployed.

This unique bridle will retro fit to most tandem glider setups. Complete with 4 maillons for connecting to the B and C risers. Price reduction as we have an overstock.

Strength trested at 25kN.

Weight: 290g
Length: 2.2m
Material: 20mm Dyneema webbing

Stock code: GR04-T


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