Gin Gliders Safari 2 Tandem Pilot Harness


The Safari 2 Pilot is for both professional and leisure tandem pilots who are looking for a split-leg harness that’s lightweight, compact and easy-to-use.

Light yet durable and comfortable

The Safari Pilot weighs only 2.6kg. It is made of high quality, durable materials such as premium quality webbing and our latest honeycomb fabric. The profile is compact and streamlined, whilst comfort in the air is excellent. There are no pressure points, even on longer flights.

Convenient storage and pockets

Storage and pockets have been carefully considered. There are 2 new side pockets with loops for a selfie stick, besides a large back pocket with integrated radio pocket.

Improved safety features

The harness also includes improved safety features. There is a new buckle for the leg loops which ensure that the buckles cannot be connected incorrectly. Back protection is a 14cm moussebag and the dorsal rescue container is designed for rapid and easy deployment. The split-leg design makes the harness easy to manoeuvre on the ground and easy to get into after take-off.


> Split leg design with adjustment strap

> 14cm mousse bag

> T-lock safety buckle on chest strap

> Selfie stick loops

> Dorsal rescue container designed for rapid and easy deployment

> Shoulder straps adjusted near the hips to allow cleaner routing of rescue bridle

> Large back pocket with integrated radio pocket

> Camera pocket with safety loop

> EN and LTF certified




One size


Stock code: GH015-Pilot


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