Gin Gliders Reserve Y Bridle


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GIN GLIDERS Reserve Y bridle.

This is designed to connect a single riser rescue parachute (like the One G or Yeti reserve parachutes) to the shoulder straps of your harness.

The bridle is covered to protect the webbing from UV exposure.

Size: 125cm for most paragliding applications or 155cm if you need a longer bridle, for example to route along the frame of your paramotor.

Designed to be connected to the harness or the rescue/reserve using a connector, for example Stainless Steel Maillons or a GIN Soft Shackle.

Strength tested at 20.89kN.

Weight: 140g (125cm bridle), 170g (155cm bridle).

Stock code: GR03

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  1. Antonino

  2. Richard

    Rating… Which way round is it? 1 good or bad? Anyway great service. Very quick.

  3. Kevin

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