Gin Gliders Gingo Airlite 2 Paragliding Harness – REDUCED TO CLEAR!



Gin Gliders Gingo Airlite 2 Paragliding Harness – !Reduced to clear!

The Gingo Airlite is a high quality versatile airbag harness with seat plate and underseat rescue container. Suitable for beginners, leisure and XC pilots, the Gingo Airlite offers an ideal blend of security, comfort and convenience. One of the lightest harnesses of its type, the compact and lightweight package weighs around 3.5kg.


The new Gingo Airlite features an improved airbag offering excellent shock protection (tested to under 20G) due to an advanced valve system. The airbag also has a pre-inflation system for safer launches. A foam “mini-mousse” ensures that the airbag is at least partially inflated at all times, even during reverse take-offs.

Investment in your Safety

Gin have invested in a harness back protection testing machine which is identical to those used by the LTF and DHV testing houses. This new tool is invaluable when designing the back protection element of a new harness, and allows multiple designs to be tested and perfected long before the harness is ‘finished’ and presented for certification. Check out the video below of a production Gingo Airlite 2, with reserve parachite fitted, on it’s 21st drop.


Comfortable and aerodynamic

Improved back support, ergonomic seat with Airmesh fabric and well-balanced harness geometry all help to keep the pilot comfortable, even on long flights. The exceptionally clean and wrinkle-free profile is a result of the GIN R&D team’s advanced 3D shaping and manufacturing technologies.

Convenient in the air and on the ground

The Gingo Airlite is simple to use in the air, and light and compact to transport on the ground. The new GIN Triplex seat plate has an advanced composite structure which is around 50% lighter than a wooden seat plate but with extended durability. The honeycomb ripstop outer fabric is also light and packable, whilst offering excellent resistance against abrasion and degradation. The highest quality materials are used throughout the harness, guaranteeing a prolonged lifetime of service.


– Lightweight buckles with T-Lock safety system

– Under seat reserve parachute container

– Zipped inner back pocket for storage of rucksack etc.

– Hydration pack (Camelbak) pocket with routing and hole

– Radio pocket and routing

– 2 side pockets

– Optional foot stirrup with or without automatic release system

– Delivered with Triplex seat board, GIN 30mm carabiners, rescue deployment handle, rescue Y-bridle (sewn-in)

– EN & LTF Certified

– Now available in 5 sizes (pilot heights are approx. and depend on body shape etc.):

XS (<165cm), S (160-175cm), M (170-185cm), L (180-190cm), XL (>185cm)

Stock code: GH00AL


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