GIN Gliders G-Lite Reserve Parachute


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GIN Gliders G-Lite Reserve Parachute

The G-Lite reserve parachute from GIN Gliders replaced the best selling One G reserve parachute.

In comparison to the One-G, the G-Lite is manufactured from a lighter weight fabric, giving a lower packing weight and volume.

3D shaping of the individual gores (panels) enables a better sink rate for the size which means that GIN have been able to reduce the rescue size while offering the same sink rate. The safety has been improved by incorporating four “corner” slots which mean better descent stability.

The G-Lite is supplied in a new deployment bag for easier extraction from most modern harnesses.

Certification: The G-Lite is certified to EN 12491 and LTF 91/09 standards.


  • 32 (all up max. load 105kg, weight 1.7kg, descent rate 5.0m/s)
  • 39 (all up max. load 130kg, weight 2.1kg, descent rate 5.2m/s)

GIN G-Lite specifications:
GIN G-Lite specifications

G-Lite manual

Stock code: GR01-L-32 and GR01-L-39

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  1. Justin Davies

    A quality product from Gin. Good clear instructions for repacking included. I have the Gin Lite 32 & I weighed it on my digital scales & Gins quoted weight is spot on. Mine came out at 1.73KG.
    UK Airsports are great to deal with. Super fast delivery, great prices & the best customer service out there!

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