Gin Gliders Foot Stirrup

Retro fit stirrup/foot rest for paragliding harnesses.

Elasticated section to help prevent the stirrup from tangling with feet when ground handling.

The stirrup is attached and adjusted using plastic ladder buckles (included).

Please contact us or your harness manufacturer to check suitability.

We do not recommend retro fitting a foot stirrup to harnesses with under seat reserve containers due to the possibility of entanglement in the event of reserve deployment.

Size: Side strap length 106cm, which stretches to 121cm full extension.

Stock code:GH02-g-foot

12 reviews for Gin Gliders Foot Stirrup

  1. Mark

    Next day delivery. Very pleased

  2. Mike

    Speedy service as always!!

    Many thanks


  3. Nicholas

    Quick delivery, reliable as always. Thanks guys

  4. Andrew

    Very quick delivery, excellent service

  5. Bruno

    Delivered promptly, fits perfectly and does the job.

  6. Rudy

    Suitable for Gin harneses. Thanks

  7. Graham

    Very helpful and efficient service, I received the foot stirrup the next day.
    Many thanks

  8. Mihaly

  9. Pete

    Very fast delivery, stirrup looks just it does on the Gin site so assume it will be a doodle to install????

  10. Billy

    Just the job, cheers guys.

    P.s Gill luvs the Haribo

  11. Mike

    Fantastic service as always, thanks!

  12. Bill Morris

    The Gin Foot Stirrup is easily fitted to any harness and apart from giving a nice comfortable glide position also helps getting into a harness plus having a good old stretch on long flights. I have a few of these fitted to speedflying and miniwing harnesses, loop them around a symmetrical and sensible part of the harness, put the tape back through the ladder buckles and adjust. I bought a couple more Chinese ebay buckles to tidy up the surplus ends. The bungee retract system keeps it off your ankles on launch. The bar space takes a good pair of PG boots. I am 6 foot one inch (184cms) and podgy and there is still surplus webbing so it really is one size fits all. On full PG harnesses the version of this with release is one to look at to avoid the very rare chance of throwing your reserve through the stirrup. Very well made and sewn, I am beastly to these and never broken one yet, Frankly the price is the best for this sort and quality. As ever the astonishingly swift UK Airsports delivery, many thanks.

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