Gin Gliders FLUID Brake Handles


Gin Gliders FLUID Paragliding, Speedflying or Speedriding Brake Handles

Speed and paragliding ergonomic brake handles with swivel and choice of plastic ball, moulded acro bar or round T-bar, for comfortable, precise piloting.

Stretchy Neoprene fabric handles mold to the shape of your hand. Price is per pair and includes GIN magnetic popper to sew to your risers.

Designed to fit much better than a standard brake handle – slip your hand through and the neoprene hugs your hand and wrist. You can then hold the ball or bar between fingers or fingers and thumb for ultimate sensitivity.

Safety note: You may find it more difficult to remove your gloved hand from these handles in a hurry!

Weight: 150 grams a pair

Stock code: GA17.4


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