Gin Gliders 40mm automatic aluminium paragliding carabiner

The autolock barrel moves up to allow an easier and wider opening.

To open, you twist the autolock barrel and push it upwards releasing the gate.

Designed by Gin, these carabiners are well finished to ensure there is no scuffing or sharp parts to cause wear on your harness hang points or risers.

Inspect regularly. Service life 5 years or 500 hours flying, then replace.

Strength: Carabiners rated at 20KN in their main axis and 7KN across the carabiner (breaking strength when tested 2766.76kgf) – the strongest aluminium paragliding carabiner on the market.
Weight: 60.2g.

NB Sold individually, price is for a single carabiner; change quantity to buy a pair!

30mm version also available.

Stock code: G-crab-40


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    Brilliant fast service.

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