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Gin Gliders Gingo 3 Paragliding Harness


The new all-round harness for leisure, sport and XC pilots

The Gingo 3 is aimed at leisure, sport and cross country pilots who prefer the precise handling of a seat board and the safety features of a 17cm foam back protector.

Confidence-inspiring comfort

The Gingo 3 is designed to provide confidence and comfort in the air so that you can have the most fun possible whilst staying safe. The Gingo 3 strikes an ideal balance between transmission and damping of glider movement and this can also be further tuned to your taste via the adjustable cross-braced chest strap. In turns, feedback is well co-ordinated and the handling is precise. Due to these excellent characteristics, the Gingo 3 is the go-to harness of the GIN R&D team.

Investment in your Safety

Gin have invested in a harness back protection testing machine which is identical to those used by the LTF and DHV testing houses. This new tool is invaluable when designing the back protection element of a new harness, and allows multiple designs to be tested and perfected long before the harness is ‘finished’ and presented for certification.

Safe, simple and light

The Gingo 3 features numerous improvements compared to the Gingo 2. A re-shaped under-seat rescue container allows easier rescue extraction. In addition, the shoulder suspension points for the rescue have been re-designed for a more optimal landing position in case of a rescue deployment. Harness adjustments are simple to make both on the ground and in the air. The Gingo 3 is 2kg lighter and more compact than its predecessor – at just over 4kg it’s both light to carry and easy to pack. High quality materials are used throughout, ensuring a long product life.

Clean and aerodynamic

3D shaping, simulation and testing have produced the most aerodynamic harness possible. The harness has a neat, clean profile that both looks good and performs well.


> 3 click buckles with T-lock safety system

> Under-seat rescue container (redesigned with unique complete opening of the container)

> 2 side pockets + 1 big back pocket with radio and camelbak holder

> Towing attachment points

> 17cm GinSoft III back protection and optional side protection

> Optional light carbon seat plate (save up to 400g)

> Optional foot strap

> Attachment points to add an optional foot stirrup

> Delivered with 17cm GinSoft III back protector, Triplex seat board, GIN 30mm carabiners, rescue deployment handle, rescue Y-bridle (sewn-in)

> Available in 3 sizes (pilot heights are approx. and depend on body shape etc.):

S (<175cm), M (170-185cm), L (>180cm)

Stock code: GH00-3

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  1. Mark

    Fantastic harness but on the down side was had to get someone who lives in UK but works with me in Oman to bring it to me from UK to Oman. The cost for having it sent to me would of doubled the price of the harness.

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