GIN Genie X-Lite Harness – Staff Harness


This GIN Genie X-Lite has been used by UKA as a staff harness, excellent condition with no damage – MEDIUM SIZE.

GIN Genie X-Lite paragliding Harness
XC Made simple

The Genie X-Lite is a full-featured XC harness. It was designed to retain the essential qualities of safety, aerodynamics, comfort and convenience, whilst being as light and compact as possible.

The Genie X-Lite is aimed at pilots who want to make XC flights, including some hike ‘n fly. Its features and performance will satisfy the most dedicated XC pilots, yet it remains light and compact enough to hike with.

Technical Specifications:
Size XS S M L
Pilot height (cm) <165 165-175 170-185 >185
Weight of harness (kg) 2.99 3.08 3.21 3.48
Volume of rescue container (L) 5.2 5.5 5.5 5.8
Carabiner height (mm) 450 450 460 480
Carabiner width (mm) 340-430 340-430 360-460 400-490
Volume of cockpit (L) 4.8 4.8 5.0 5.3

Weight includes carabiners, does not include innerbag (48g), hook knife (56g) and speed bar (43g)

• 8cm Neo-Koroyd protector for maximum protection with minimum thickness
• underseat rescue container with easy deployment system
• ABS geometry with fast-trimming system and anti-forget features
• low profile flight deck for 2-3 instruments and 5L storage
• full aerocone section packs easily
• cobra buckles for ease of use
• covered 13 mm Dyneema webbing
• double-bladed hook knife can even cut webbing
• extra large back pocket with pouches and routing for a hydration system (e.g. Camelbak) and radio
• 2 zipped side pockets
• integrated speed system with 3 step speed bar and Harken pulleys
• rescue container volume 5L (must be used with the supplied inner bag)
• optional front mounted 2nd rescue accessory
• optional 5cm Footpad to reduce cocoon length


GIN Genie X-Lite Harness
GIN Genie X-Lite Harness
size GUIDE:

GIN Genie X-Lite Size chart

Stock code: GH-X-Lite-Staff


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