Replacement Loops – 1 x Pack of 4 elastic textile shock cord loops per Gin G-Lite 32 or 39 reserve parachute deployment bag.

Pilots flying with the G-lite 32 or 39 should replace the rubber bands that are used to close the deployment bag with elastic textile cord loops before their next flight.

The elastic textile cord loops are now available as a kit via the GIN dealer jay sold you your G-Lite. Please get in touch with them and they can organise the replacement set for you.

There is no charge for this replacement kit order it through the dealer that supplied your G-Lite.

Gin G-Lite Loops to change

Please refer to the instructions, accompanying video and manual in GIN’s Safety Notice for more details and for how to make the change:

If you are in any doubts about how to carry out the procedure, please contact your local GIN dealer or UK Airsports who will be able to assist. 


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