Flymaster World Airspace and AGL Micro SD card


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Flymaster World Airspace and AGL Micro SD card

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Flymaster Avionics Airspace and Ground Level files all on one Micro SD card ready to use on one of the following instruments:

Flymaster GPS-SD, GPS-SD+, NAV-SD and LIVE-SD.

To take advantage of the files on the SD Card, your instrument should be updated to the latest firmware which can be done quickly and easily from the following link: Flymaster Downloads

You will also find instructions for your instrument and for the Designer application which can be used to customise the displays on your instrument as well as uploading temporary airspace.

The Flymaster 3D airspace avoidance system provides tools to manage airspaces. Restricted areas can be seen in an embedded Map, or on dedicated page. The Map can be complemented with numerical, and text information using data fields. The Critical Airspaces dedicated page can be used to see detailed information about areas that are close to the pilot.

In addition to graphic information, audible alarms and page triggers will ensure that even the most inattentive pilots does not miss critical information. For example when flying near a restricted area an alarm is issued and the airspace page automatically enabled.

Taking advantage of the SD card storage capacity the instrument provides worldwide airspace data so that you can fly from country to country without concerns about changing airspace data files.

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  1. Pawel

    Great and helpful world airspace avoidance maps.

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