Flymaster Tracker – Flexible Plan


Flymaster Tracker 4G – with Flexible ‘on demand’ SIM Plan

The Tracker requires a monthly subscription of 3.99€ which is paid by Paypal for standard coverage or you can extend coverage to more networks while you’re travelling. The extended option can be switched on and off and costs 5.99€ per month.

The new Flymaster Tracker 4G borrows on the proven tracking technology developed for the LiveDS.

With the use of an LTE-M* communication module, a long operating life is ensured, as this type of communication will have a huge global deployment.

The Tracker features a pressure sensor, so it’s flight log can be used to generate IGC data which includes the compulsory barometric altitude for certified flying events.

is built from high strength polycarbonate combined with a rubber exterior, making it extremely robust. So it can be used not only for flying, but also for other activities, such as running, biking, trekking, etc.



• second by second livetracking
• SOS button
• rugged construction and IPX7 Water Resistant
• huge battery life
• multiple sensors and communications
• worldwide coverage – roaming SIM works on many mobile networks
• shipped with arm band, lanyard, bike holder, charger, magnetic USB cable and Quick Start guide

Safe XC Flying

XC flying is rewarding, yet landing out alone can be scary. With the LiveTracking system you will never be alone on your XC Adventure. Flymaster LiveTracking technology is the standard for the Paragliding World Cup and the Red Bull X-Alps. This innovative system enables real-time flight monitoring – livetracking – over Google Earth, enhancing sharing of flights and contributing significantly to improve flight safety.
Safety can even be augmented by configuring the Tracker to periodically send an sms with information like position, altitude, or speed to a defined recipient.

Cloud Flights – Flymasters Web Service

All your flights will be automatically uploaded to our Cloud Flights Web Service. Inside your flight details page you can review your flight, play it back, analyse all the data, including all external sensor data, like G-forces and heart rate values. You can also download your flight in IGC or KML format.


The Tracker has a built in low power wireless interface for connecting compatible accessories. The list of Flymaster wireless accessories is the most complete on the market and includes the HEART-G and TAS.

Flight Sharing

Flight Sharing can be extended beyond the LIVETRACKING. After any activity, automatic track data can be sent to several well known databases like Leonardo, or DHV. You can also share your activities through Facebook or by email.

Technical Specifications

• Battery Capacity (Lithium-Ion): 1800 mAh
• Autonomy: >20 hours (1 positon per second)
• Size: 87 x 58 x 22.5mm (Length x Width x Thickness)
• Weight: 93g
• GPS: 72 channels GPS/GLONASS
• Native USB Connection: allows connection to PC to download Tracking Data and upload Firmware
• Battery Charging: from wall adapter, car adapter or standard usb port
4G Version  – LTE & 2G module for multi-regional use; Cat M1/NB1 deployed bands: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 20, 26*, 28*; EGPRS quad-band, 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (* roaming bands)

• RF Interface: allows wireless connection of several external probes (like HEART-G or TAS probe) simultaneously.
• 6 Axis accelerometer and pressure sensor allows G-Force measure and barometric data
• Firmware update by USB (upgrades are free)
• Memory – 3D track log with storage for >300000 track points, for at least 83 hours of track activity
• Compatible with Mac OSX (1.9 and higher) and Windows (Vista/7/8/8.1/10)
• Download the user manual here


Upload of track data to repositories using the Mobile network (compatible with several repositories like Leonardo XC server, XContest and DHV).

Automatic almost real time flight data sending to a remote live tracking server through Mobile network (compatible with several servers like Flymaster, LiveTracking24, DHV, etc).

On demand sending of predefined messages to a server (eg. SOS).

Low data usage (considering that communication is not lost, on average, requires 25KB per activity/hour)


Colour: Metalic blue, Green or Yellow




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