Flymaster TAS Air Speed Probe – Hang Gliding


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Flymaster TAS – True Air Speed Probe for Hang Gliders


The TAS Probe isa streamlined hang glider air speed measurement probe which incorporates a high resolution temperature sensor for thermal sniffing. Boost the performance of your Flymaster instrument! It looks like something you’d light your gas stove with, but don’t be fooled, this is a very technical piece of equipment for pilots looking for the ultimate performance from their in flight instrumentation.


Air Speed Measurement

The TAS Probe uses a Pitot tube for determining air speed. Consequently, it does not suffer from problems related to impeller type sensors, which can lose accuracy due to contamination from dust and damage. The Flymaster TAS Probe connects to your Flymaster flight instrument using a built in wireless interface, creating a flexible and robust solution to air speed measurement.

Using air speed data, your Flymaster instrument can provide useful information for flight performance and safety, by more accurately calculating wind speed and direction, and providing additional features such as Stall Alert, Speed-to-Fly and Energy compensation.

By wirelessly receiving the temperature data from the TAS Probe, the Flymaster flight instrument can display and register the temperature during flight. By doing so, the Flymaster instrument can identify patterns which can be used later to evaluate the thermal potential of an area or spot thermal proximity.


  • Air Speed measurement from 5 to 180 km/h (1 km/h resolution)
  • Temperature Measurement from -20 to +60 ºC (0.1 ºC resolution)
  • Power: 1 AAA battery (not supplied)
  • Maximum communication distance: 5m

You can download the User Manual for the new Flymaster TAS Probe here.


Paraglider version also available!

Stock code: OP-FM-TAS-HG


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