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This is the softcase mounting system from Flymaster designed specififcally for the SD Series instruments, the B1 and B1 NAV, and the older VARIO, GPS, NAV and LIVE alti varios.

This softcase DOES NOT fit the M-series or C-series instruments, for these you will need the Bumper Case.

Designed specifically for mounting a Flymaster Alti/Vario to either the Velcro top of a flightdeck or cockpit or directly to the harness using the supplied angled mount or the leg-strap.

The softcase is made of a durable external material with an internal soft lining so as not to damage the external finish of your unit.

The softcase has an elastic front opening for a tight fit, a side opening for cable connection and a bottom opening for the security line. It can be attached directly to a flightdeck / cockpit with the Velcro attached to the back.

The softcase also comes with a covered metallic support which allows you to attach the vario directly into a suitable harness strap. The metallic support can be attached and detached using the strong Velcro.

Video showing how to fit softcase to Flymaster Instrument (it’s a tight fit!):

Stock code: OP-FM-M-Pocket

5 reviews for Flymaster Softcase and Vario Mount – SD-series Instruments

  1. Oliver

    Always efficient and helpful.

  2. KA YEE

    Good, brand-new ,delivery fast ,and thanks for your bear-candy~!!!

  3. Sean

    Been looking for a proper mount that holds my SD live so happy that I can properly mount the instrument in an ideal spot.

  4. Robert

    The softcase is sturdy and a good tight fit
    The mount is well made easy to fit
    I was dubious as to whether
    The velcro would be reliable
    But so far so good

  5. Mark

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