FLYMASTER M1 paramotor instrument


The Flymaster Avionics M1 – Advanced motor management

The M1 turns any Flymaster flight instrument (SD Series, B1 or B1 NAV) into an onboard motor management system for powered aircraft

Information is gathered from several sensors connected to the motor and then sent via wireless RF interface to your Flymaster instrument, where they can be viewed on the high resolution display.

A free firmware update will enable existing Flymaster varios to be used either for free flight or connected to the M1 for motorised flying, thus giving the Flymaster instrument a dual function!

The M1’s high capacity memory is capable of storing motor data at regular intervals from 1 second up. The data can then be downloaded to a PC for later analysis, and used to detect potential problems and plan preventative maintenance.

The M1 collects data from a fuel sensor, an RPM sensor, an engine temperature sensor, and an exhaust gas temperature sensor (coming soon), and can calculate average fuel consumption, flight time remaining, engine hours counter etc. All these figures are stored for download.

The data collected by the M1 is also sent wirelessly, in real time, to any of the existing Flymaster instruments.

Several data items including average fuel consumption, total flight and remaining time, current motor temperatures, etc, can be viewed on the high resolution displays provided by Flymaster instruments.

• RPM measurement
• Engine temperature
• Exhaust gas temperature (not available yet)
• Fuel level (with optional fuel sensor)
• Average fuel consumption and flight time remaining
• Engine hours counter
• Stores maximum RPM, maximum temperature, fuel consumption and total time of engine operation

Package Includes: M1 unit, RPM sensor, temperature sensor, USB cable and charger. You can also add the optional Fuel sensor.

Stock code: OP-FM-M1


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