Flymaster Avionics introduce the Legpocket, a softcase mounting system to attach your B1, B1 NAV, or later VARIO-SD, GPS-SD, GPS+SD, NAV-SD and LIVE-SD alti vario conveniently to your leg, where it can be viewed easily.

The Flymaster Legpocket is made from a durable material, offering protection to your unit from wear and tear.

The Flymaster Legpocket was made specifically to cater for Flymaster connectors and security line with correctly placed openings.

The Flymaster Legpocket can be comfortably attached the way you choose to your leg using its Velcro providing a secure and practical way to use your Flymaster vario.

Includes: Elasticated Velcro strap with Velcro mounting base for instrument plus detachable softcase with Velcro on the base. The softcase is fitted to the instrument and is then attached by velcro to the strap. The softcase can also be attached to other Velcro bases; for instance a flightdeck.

Video showing how to fit softcase to Flymaster vario.

Stock code: OP-FM-M-leg

4 reviews for Flymaster Legpocket Vario Mount

  1. Ryan

    Quick delivery, good product, and reasonable value. Very good service.

  2. Pawel

    Would highly recommend to others.

  3. Peter

    Brilliant speedy service and a free packet of Haribos thrown in, my favourite!

  4. Roger

    Very helpful and quick service

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