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The HEART-G is a unique instrument which can be used by any pilot to monitor physical and mental states. The HEART-G measures your heart rate and 3D acceleration. Collected data is processed and sent via RF interface to your Flymaster variometer. It is worn around the chest like traditional heart rate monitors.

When connected to an HEART-G the following data fields are enabled on your Flymaster instrument:

  • Pulse – to monitor your physical condition during a flight, or any other related physical activity. Measures Heart Rate from 40-240 bpm (beats per minute).
  • G-Force – to monitor the acceleration acting on the pilot for example during a deep spiral dive. It is well known this acceleration or G-Force can be a cause of physical and mental stress.  Measures sum of the vectors of acceleration exerted on the pilot from 0 to 16g.
  • Steps – counts the number of steps when you are walking, or running, and can be used to estimate the distance travelled. Measures number of steps detected by the HEART-G since the last reset, from 0 to 32767 steps.
  • Steps/Min – can be used as a measure of the physical activity and to help establish a pace rhythm. This value measures the step cadence from 0 to 1500 steps/min.

Fly from the heart!

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