Flymaster Global Roaming SIM Card


Flymaster Global Free Roaming SIM Card

The ideal solution for your Live tracking around the world to use with your Flymaster LIVE, LIVE-SD or GPS-SD+ Instruments

What you get

For only 2.99€ per month you can use your Flymaster Live tracking instrument in dozens of countries, without any additional costs (see the Normal Coverage map). The Flymaster SIM will also allow your instrument to access multiple operators, providing super reliable coverage. After getting your card simply subscribe to the service using Paypal, the first month is free.

Also for only 4.99€ you can extend the coverage of your FlymasterSIM to access even more networks and more countries, see the Extended Coverage map to see which countries benefit.

This Extended coverage can be activated a month at a time.

Keep in mind, the plan just includes global unlimited data usage for outdoor activity with the instrument, but not SMS messages.

To activate your SIM you will need a PayPal account and subscribe here: Register SIM

Stock Code: OP-FM-SIM


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