Flymaster Delta Pocket for arm clamp/stalk mount


Flymaster Avionics introduce the Delta pocket, a softcase mounting system to attach your VARIO SD, GPS SD, NAV SD, LIVE SD or older B1 and B1 NAV conveniently to your hang glider base bar or upright, where it can be viewed easily. This system allows you to attach the Delta pocket to a Flytec or Brauniger arm clamp or stalk mount, which can puchased separately, or bundled with the Delta pocket (see the drop down Optional Extras menu).

The Delta pocket is made from a durable material, offering protection to your unit from knocks or wear and tear.
The Delta pocket is made specifically to cater for Flymaster’s connectors and security line with correctly placed openings.

This Delta pocket is designed for Hang gliding, and when used in combination with the arm clamp/stalk mount (purchased separately) attaches to the control bar, maintaining the vario in a desirable, stable and secure position.

Includes: Detachable softcase with Velcro on the base and a captive M4 threaded collar to locate the M4 bolt from your stalk mount, and a rubber spacer which stops the case rotating.

The softcase can also be attached to other Velcro bases; for instance a flightdeck for paragliding.

Video showing how to fit softcase to Flymaster vario.

The Delta pocket will fit any arm clamp or stalk mount using a single M4 bolt, such as the HG Aerofoil tubes mount. Please study the product photos and assemble as shown to prevent the case rotating once it is attached to the arm clamp.

Stock code: OP-FM-M-delta2


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